Adoptable Male Dogs





Age: 4 Yrs

Weight: 35 lbs

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Unknown

Good with children:  Unknown

House trained: Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Special Needs: Heartworm +

Raylan is a sweet boy who really loves his people. We are just getting to know him so as we learn more we will update.

Raylan came into rescue with a serious upper respiratory infection so he spent several days in the hospital. He has been treated for this condition and is now recuperating in his foster home.

Raylan was also diagnosed heartworm + so he has to endure heartworm treatment once his uri is completely cleared up. He will not be ready for adoption for at least two months. However, if you are interested in him, please let us know by filling out an adoption application. He is a wonderful dog and will make someone a great companion.

Tater Tot


Age: X Yrs

Weight: XX lbs

Good with dogs: Unknown

Good with cats: Unknown

Good with children:  Unknown

House trained: Unknown

Crate trained: Unknown

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Special Needs: Unknown

 Coming Soon!





Age: 7 Yrs

Weight: 45 lbs

Good with dogs: With proper introductions

Good with cats: Unknown

Good with children: Yes

House trained: Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Adoption Fee: $250.00

Special Needs: Hearing impaired

Dutch is a mature English Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix. His DNA is probably more EBD than BT based on his size. He is a big marshmallow of a boy. His foster Mom says that he is just a sweet, sweet boy.

Dutch is house broken, crate trained and walks very well on leash. He has not met a person that he did not love. He is good with kids and adults alike. Although Dutch has very good manners when approaching other dogs, he is not quick to warm up to dogs in his space. With proper introduction and supervision he might be fine with another dog. However, since he is very laid back and loves his people time, Dutch would do very well as an only dog.

Dutch is hard of hearing but he understands some hand signals and is a very smart boy that could easily learn many more.

So, if you are looking for a loving, devoted friend to paly tug of war with, take long walks with, or run in the yard with, Dutch is your boy. If you are looking for a loving, devoted friend to snuggle under the blankets with and just spend couch time together, Dutch is your boy. There are not too many situations that Dutch would not fit into.

If you think you would like this giant marshmallow to be your new best friend, please fill out an adoption application. Dutch is waiting to start the rest of his life in his forever home.






Age: 9 Yrs

*The American Veterinary Medical Association uses this calculation for Bryce's age.

9 years old (in human years)                                   56 years old (in dog years)

Weight: 26 lbs

Good with dogs: Only submissive females

Good with cats: Unknown

Good with children: age 5 and older

House trained: Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Adoption Fee: $150.00

Special Needs: Bryce needs a strong, disciplined pack leader and would do best as an only dog.

Bryce is a healthy and active 9 yr old Boston male.  Bryce loves his people, knows how to sit pretty and has a strong desire to please. He is tolerant and playful with subtle, submissive dogs that do not challenge him. He prefers female dogs to males. Bryce is fearful of dogs that challenge him or try to engage him.  He is fearful of dogs that are excited or display dominant behaviors.  Bryce needs a forever home with a human that acts as his pack-leader and that will keep him safe from the things in the world that scare him. 

Bryce is a normal, playful and loving BT in many ways, but he will never be the dog that does well at a dog park or enjoys shopping in Petsmart.  However, Bryce IS the dog that will love his family and be loyal to them forever.  Bryce would love a fenced yard where he can play fetch with his family, wander peacefully enjoying the sun knowing that his yard is his safe place, and a large crate where he can feel safe with his blankets and chew toys.

We are looking for a very special home for Bryce. 

ARE YOU a family that can:

  • Provide love, boundaries, and stability.

  • Refrain from exposing Bryce to situations that make him anxious and fearful.

  • Provide a low stress and compassionate home with opportunity to exercise regularly.

If you are, please fill out an adoption application today. Bryce is waiting for his forever, loving home. He is a good boy that will give you love, love, and more love.