Adoptable Male Dogs





Name: Bruno 

We are not currently accepting applications for Bruno.

Please check back with us in several weeks.


Age:  Under 2 Yrs

Weight:   20 lbs

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Maybe - see below

Good with children: Over 7 Yrs Old

House trained: Working on it. Almost there (see below)

Crate trained: Yes

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Special Needs: None                                                                                                         

Bruno is almost 2 year old but he has the personality and exuberance of a 6 month old puppy. He is very anxious to please and because of that he is learning right from wrong quickly.

Bruno needs structure in his life and also a strong pack leader. He loves to run and play and definitely needs exercise. He is timid around other dogs when he first meets them but does warm up and when he does he goes into “play” mode.

He has shown no aggression towards other dogs or children and when he had a chance encounter with a cat he was just curious.

Bruno still has the puppy in him. He still picks up everything in his mouth so anything within his reach is “fair game” and will become a toy to him. He can also be “mouthy” but only in a playful manner. He needs to have this habit corrected and not encouraged.

Bruno is 85% housebroken and needs to be watched when free in the house. He still will have an accident – now and again. His foster Mom says that it is not frequent and if taken out frequently he does not have accidents. He is good in his crate at night and sleeps quietly all night. He isn’t too happy to go in during the day but can be coaxed with a cookie.

Because of his exuberance and energy level, we would not recommend Bruno to a family with small children. He would benefit from a fenced yard or an energetic family that will walk him to provide the exercise he needs. He would also be very happy to have another dog to play with.

If you think Bruno would fit into your home and family and you are willing to provide him with the structure he needs to thrive, please fill out an adoption application. He is anxious to meet his forever family.