Let’s Learn About Eyes

Every day we have the opportunity to learn something new. Knowledge is power and with the knowledge, you can conquer every challenge in life. Process of learning is not the most interesting thing in the world, truth be told. But even if you do not like to sit down and open a book to actually learn something, you can always read some short article or watch a video of a person explaining something. You could never know when you are going to need the information you learn. Tomorrow, or any other day in the future, you could be sitting in a quiz and the question for the biggest prize is actually something you have learned not so long ago.

We want to provide you with some information, but since we cannot provide you with all the knowledge in the word, we are going to focus on a specific topic. We want to talk about the eyes. Eyes give us the ability to see. But, eyes seem so simple, however, they are very complex. If you want to know more about eyes and parts of the eye, with pictures and thorough explanation, then visit https://www.brillpharma.com/anatomia/partes-del-ojo/. The eye is a very sensitive organ. We have eleven parts of the eye that works together in order to make us able to see. Do you know to name any of the parts of the eye? You have probably heard words such as iris, retina, pupil, and others, but have you heard about the cornea, crystalline, aqueous and vitreous humor, sclera, conjunctiva choroidal and taint?


And most importantly optic nerve. Some people say that the eyes are windows to a person’s soul, but can that really be true? If you are interested in more medical terms and want to learn how eyes work, then you should visit mentioned link, but if you want to hear some interesting facts, then keep on reading this article. We are all aware of the fact that pupils can expand. If you look at something that you like, or when you are doing something that makes you happy, it is a natural reflex for your pupils to expand. And we all know that eyes can be different colors. Also, each and every eye color is unique and different, and there are no two eyes alike. So, you are in every way special. On the other hand, there are people who have two different eye colors. For example, brown and green. Also, that is very rare in the world, we do not know the right number but at least only 10% of the world population have that condition. However, the chromosomes have an impact on that feature.

And here we are to remind you that you need to take care of your eyes. Many people take it for granted, push the limits and end up wearing glasses. For example, if you work long hours and you stare and the screens a lot, buy and wear some kind of protective glasses. Reduce the brightness of the monitor and install some app that will neutralize the blue color of the screen.