Dogs are man’s best friend. This is true in all aspects but even as a best friend, not all breeds of dogs are appropriate anywhere. Dogs need essentials that come with circumstances that come along the situation of their owners.

For people living in different areas, there are different breeds of dogs that they can tend to and keep as a pet. For city dwellers, who mostly live in apartments, this is specifically tricky.  Here is a look at the personality and traits of a Boston Terrier that make them ideal for apartment living.

One dog that is perfect to be kept as a pet in apartments is the Boston Terrier. There are significant reasons why this breed of dogs is perfect as apartment dogs.

  1. They are a Gentleman

In general, Boston Terriers are laid back dogs. Their name is derived from how they look like. They are small and they have mostly a coat of black with white marks. This garnered them the nickname “American Gentleman” due to the resemblance of the colors to that of a suit or tuxedo. There is also a matter of the stance of the dog that is both dignified and cute at the same time.

  1. They are the perfect size

The Boston Terrier is a small dog. They weigh only up to 25 pounds and just 15 inches tall. That alone makes them a great companion even if we live in a city apartment that usually do not have yards or a lot of open space for them to run around. They may get active around the apartment but their small size makes them easily manageable.

  1. They are calm, intelligent and loyal

If you live in an apartment building, you would not want to have a problem with neighbours because of inconvenience from having a pet. For this matter, the Boston Terriers prove to be very cooperative. They are good-natured and they have an easy way with people. They are also highly trainable so it doesn’t take much to get them to behave around the house. They’re level of intelligence also comes with the fact that they identify their owners easily. Don’t be fooled, though, because even if they do not easily get triggered and bark, they will definitely alert their owners when they sense danger.

The Boston Terrier, like any other dog, needs to time to be trained and warm up with their owners. With a bit of patience and proper caring for them, you can easily have a best friend watch dog even in your small city apartment.